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Catalyst Hand Paddles

High performance training paddle designed to improve technique and increase power across all strokes. Ergonomic design reduces shoulder stress and allows the paddle to cut effortlessly through the water on entry. Hydro-dynamically engineered to provide consistent resistance throughout the arm movement.

  • Made from lightweight, UV resistant polypropylene, with multi position straps for custom fitting
  • Sold in pairs and come with straps and convenient carry bag
  • 3 sizes available: Junior (up to 12 years); Youth (ages 13-15); Senior (ages 16+)





Pull Buoy

Assists in the development of upper body strength and alignment in the water during your workout. Designed for maximum buoyancy for swimmers 13 years and over.





Swim Snorkels

The NZL Swim Snorkel allows swimmers to focus on stroke technique without the interruption of turning the head to breathe. A silicone purge seat allows water to flow out of the snorkel without entering the mouthpiece. The center-mount design accommodates a full range of motion for butterfly, breaststroke and freestyle. Eliminating the need to breathe allows swimmers to relax in the water, maintain body alignment and improve stroke efficiency.

  • Centre-mount design
  • One-way purge valve
  • Hydrodynamic tube
  • Front positioning
  • Adjustable head bracket
  • Silicone mouthpiece is soft and comfortable
  • Can be used for all strokes and will stay in place for turns




Drink Bottles

  • Come in 2 sizes (500/800ml)
  • All with reliable screw on lid & BPA free
  • Range of colours and club logo can be printed front

500 ml $8.00

800 ml $8.50



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Coffee Mugs

  • Keep warm on those cold mornings on poolside with these 450ml thermal mugs
  • Insulating neoprene outer sleeve allowing comfortable easy grip
  • Full colour branding available

From $20.00 each


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